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Having spent the last 12 years of my career developing an understanding of how experience strategy can make a meaningful impact across an organization, and the lives of the customers that use its products.


I believe the talent needed to forge the next generation of screen-based experiences will bear little resemblance to those that powered the era of print and graphic design. The dynamic nature of the web and mobile product design demands a fundamentally new canvas and radically new approach.


That approach lives and breathes with team collaboration. To move an initiative from a problem statement to a live usable product that empowers and delights users certainly does take a village. When people work hard to solve problems for other people, great things emerge.


My focus is always to be the design leadership behind those efforts.

A behind-the-scenes advocate for usability, accessibility, simplicity and general user delight supporting the work we’re putting out into the world.

Personal interests
  • Travel

  • Photography

  • Cooking

  • Learning Icelandic

  • Hiking

  • Cinema

My design methodology

  • User Research

    • User interviews, competitive analysis, moderated feedback sessions, qualitative analysis.

  • Design Workshops

    • ​Empowering all stakeholders to participate, learn, share insights and help drive the best solution forward to the end user.

  • Thoughtful Design

    • ​Designing user centered interfaces that are accessible to all users.​

  • Visual Design

    • ​High fidelity mockups with UI polish. Delivering dev ready assets.

  • Design Process Management

    • ​Jira workflows, design reviews, stakeholder signoff.

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